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Monsoon Season is Here

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The dreaded monsoon season is upon us. It started on Friday and, in looking at the weather report, I see that we are scheduled for thunder showers each day through at least next weekend.

Oh how Lacie HATES this time of year. She hates thunder and lightning. Yesterday, I was reading in the late afternoon and Lacie came up by me and started "pawing" my hand. She only does this when she really, really wants something. I couldn't figure out what she wanted. It wasn't time for dinner. I wasn't eating anything to share. She had water in her bowl.

And then, I figured out that we were going to have a storm. Lacie was shaking and was trying to get between me and the side of the chair. She seldom comes to me during thunder storms as she prefers to hide in her Pink Princess House or under the bed in the quilts that are stored there. But for some reason, during the last 2 storms she has come to me and asked me to hold her -- which, of course, I gladly do.

I just wish I could help her through this time of year as I know how upset she gets.
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They have pink "thunder shirts" now that do help a lot of dogs with thunder anxiety. Have you tried one on her??

I've never heard of these. Where do you get them? I've tried just about everything else, though.
Awe! She sounds like a sweet baby. :wub: I hate that she's so frightened though. :( I hope she gets through next week without too much distress!
Wow, those Thundershirts sound cool. Lynn, here's the website: Thundershirt | The Best Solution for Dog Anxiety. Tell Lacie that I don't like thunder and lightening either and I might buy a Thundershirt for myself!
Mary and Edie -- Thanks. I just ordered one for Lacie. I, too, wish they came in my size as I hate the storms too. LOL I'll let everyone know if it works once we received it. We've tried everything else that's every been recommended. Might as well give this a try too. :)
I'm so sorry you are still battling with Lacie's fear of thunder. :( I know you have really tried just about everything to calm her...I sure hope the Thundershirt works for her.

London is scared of fireworks, thunder, gunshots, etc now because of our awful neighbors down the street. If she hears the slightest "bang" now, she will run to me and want to be held with her head buried. :(

Please let us know if the Thundershirts work for anything at all -- I'm mostly interested in them for the BARKING at guests and TRAVEL anxiety!
I just read about those shirts and I hope it helps with Lacie. I've never heard of those.
I'm thankful that my girls don't really pay any attention to storms. We're having a lot here too and some have been pretty bad. I hope the shirt helps!!
poor Lacie, I feel for you Lynn. Muffy hated storms he would try and hide behind the toliet, shower and if that didn't work he would claw at us, the storms don't seem to bother the girls, I'm soooooo gald
I've seen those shirts advertised and wondered if they work. I sure hope it works for Lacie, poor little girl. You're such a good Mommy Lynn. Let us know if it works please.
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