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More National Pics

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FINALLY figured out flickr. Which I don't like,LOL I took 172 photos, but I was doing good to get those uploaded and the proper order.

Flickr: chaoticblissx6's Photostream
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Wonderful pictures, but I can say that I only recognize Marina and Stacy. :unsure:
Those were great pictures! I found myself in there a few times! :p
I looooove flickr!
Delilah's such a good pup, she just took everything in stride, especially all the "pass the puppy!" And I was so impressed with how well your son takes care of her. Very sweet!
great pictures!
imagine you having so many of the jr. handler group.. hmmm
the pictures of me, need to be photo shopped. I want to look younger, can you do that??
OH, and i loved your picture showing Samantha & Rugby w/all of their goodies!
I think you look great Jen!! I wanna Photoshop myself skinnier! (sigh)
I just loved all of them. I wondered about the malt that didn't have long hair? I thought that was a requirement? I think they should allow dogs that weigh more than 7lb show as well. It sure looks like you ladies had a wonderful time.
Good Job taking photos!!! Thanks for sharing! It was so exciting to see some SM members out their doing their thing AND their families!
TY Carol! It was great! It was one of the best times I had in a very long time. Saturday though I was kinda thrown off kilter. Trying to check out and not know where everyone was. Now that I have seen, next year I can plan a lot better. Hubby said I wasn't leaving him behind this time.
Great pics! Do you think I could get copies of the Junior clinic with Malayah? :) I was so silly I forgot to take pics. argh
Sure Kelly! All the pics I took are on my fb, so help yourself!!! I am so glad they did that clinic. I hope there will be more!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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