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MSNBC article about some cities banning store sales of pets

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I just saw this on MSNBC. I hope more cities ban the sale of pet store puppies. There were some quotes by the HSUS in there though, which we should all take with a grain of salt. Just thought I'd share this article.

No dogs for sale? Cities ban pet store animals - Pet health-
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Good article! Thanks for posting it!

I can't believe people really believe that a reputable breeder would be perfectly fine with sending all their puppies to a pet store....
I saw that this morning..........more cities should ban pet stores from doing this!!!!!:chili: No more puppy mill sales!!!!!
Where I am, the big box stores aren't allowed to sell dogs or cats. They can sell birds, fish, reptiles. But some pet stores are allowed to sell puppies and kittens. I don't understand that!
I just saw this article too! I wish it was implemented nationwide!!!
it was in the newspaper here too. It's about time they do this.
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