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Before I get up in the morning each dog comes up to my face to say "Good Morning" and I give them some lovin. It's one at a time for the most part. So there's no problem there.

When I get home from work, they're all jumping and excited to see me. I bend down and pet each one and then just go put my stuff down and look at the mail. Then we all go out back for pee pee time. They get all wrapped up looking around the yard.

During the day I get requests to pick someone up....and i do. Sometimes it's two at a time, but rarely three and never four.

I bought a love seat that both sides have leg rests so in the evening, it's me and all four dogs sprawled out.

At bedtime the three malts sleep with me in bed and Tink sleeps in a comfy crate (his own choice) the the door is never closed.

I don't know, it just never seems like a problem here. We all go out for a walk together, that gets challenging sometimes, but it works.

I do give each dog their own special loving every day and they all seem to be happy. Well, Arch would like it better if i took him out with me instead of Ava...but he's not mad. He's still got the UPS truck to look forward to.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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