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With four fluffs, it all depends on how they are feeling and needing. When we come home, I always mention each by name and try to touch them as they gather around me.....sort of like acknowledging them. Once I have greeted each one of them, we go out the door to potty. By the time we are back inside, they are sitting by the fridge for their treat and then they are settled and ready to just rest again.

At night they all sleep in bed with us and they have their own special spots by their own choice.

Kallie is content just being touched. The other three have their own way of showing their need...........playing fetch. Of course with all of them in full coat, they each get some special down time with mommy when I do their daily brush out. It all works out in the end and each gets equal time. Buffy is almost always on my lap when I am at the pc............the others just get too hot so have no interest.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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