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With 5 of them coming up for lovings,the easiest way is to sit on the floor and just hug them all at once. I usually get to them first come first served.I go through and love on each one at least once,then they usually come back for seconds... Every morning it's "love on the puppies time". Everynight they all get their hugs and kissies. They usually take turns through the night moving sleep next to us then trading off,one moves up andother moves down.
I sometimes worry I might love on one more than another but they all end up getting loved on throughout the day.
Easiest is when we do couchtime,all 5 end up on the couch and they pick their spots. It's my favourite time of the day is having us all pile on the couch to settle in for the evening of DIY or Animal Planet...or just a movie. We call it,"pile o' puppies".
Both of us just covered in fluffs,it's like heaven.:wub:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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