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You have to see this video, but first please read the back story. The link to the video is at the end. WARNING: You will need tissues. :smcry:

I was searching the Internet for information on agililty training with toy breeds and came across this incredible story and inspirational video from April 2008. I am in awe of this woman's incredible spirit. Another person on a blog said it best:
"If ever we need a reminder that others have far greater challenges than we and that a positive spirit can ease a world of pain, this is it.
Bless you, Lis', for reminding us that in our mortality there is immortality. How we live our life is far more important than how or when we die."

First, the letter from Lis' Kristof to her friends:

To all of my fellow agility competitors and friends,
Last Tuesday I was admitted to hospital, for eight years I have fought breast cancer. I have been diagnosed now with AML Leukemia and have been given approximately three weeks to spend on this wonderful earth. I have chosen not to do any more chemo as I believe I have received and given all this life has to give and take.

With the help of my dear friends in Dallas we were able to talk the Dr's into spring me out of hospital today. Tomorrow at the Dallas Agility Working Group's trial I will run my darling Chinese Crested Diva for the last time - it wont be pretty, no one will be able to guess who's handling style I will use and I don't even know myself - just staying on my feet will be an achievement and to run with my very best friend and to be among friends will be enough to give me the energy I need to get through the day.

I am thrilled I will also get to watch the veterans parade and to pay tribute one last time to all the great dogs that have helped form this sport that I so love.

If you want to do anything for me pray that Diva and I can achieve a super Q, it is all we need to become ADCH together, but even if we don't get it - I know I am blessed to share what time I have with my dogs and my friends.

Please wish Angela Lancaster all the very best with my dogs in the future, she is going from the cheesiest Yorkies to a couple of naked Cresteds and I know my dogs will continue to be well loved and respected and they will be in the agility ring again at some time to play.

Many thanks for all your love and support over the years, I am indeed one of the lucky ones that get to say thanks in 'person' before my time.

Remember this weekend to enjoy your friends, dogs and should success come, enjoy and embrace it, if it doesn't never forgot the love of this game and the friendships we have forged. Thanks to everyone who helped me with my journey I sure do appreciate you all.

Run Fast, Run Happy
Lis' Kristof
Dallas, TX

And now, the video of her last run:

Lis' died three weeks later on May 5, 2008. I'm very curious if any of you in the agility world knew her.

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That was beautiful and very touching. It's amazing to see how fast they really went. I don't know much about agility, but that pup ran pretty well and looked magnificent running. What a joy to achieve your final goal.The ending was very moving.
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