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I'm glad he is doing well and I totally know what you mean about wanting those darn stitches to be out!!

Can you try to take the E-Collar off and see if he messes with the stitiches. They may not seem new to him now and maybe he'll leave them alone. Also, try washing just his face. I do that all the time. The thing about no baths, is that you don't want the stitches to get wet, but it's OK to do a little mini wash up.

I use Proline no-rinse shampoo on K & C between baths and it works great and makes them seem fresh. I also spray some Ice on Ice or Pantene conditioner on and brush and then spray some Bless the Beasts scent on them and they seem soooo much fresher! Maybe some of those things will work for you until you get the stitches out.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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