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My boys are neutered

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I felt so bad driving up the vet this morning. The boys woke up early and as ususal was very excited to see me. They knew they were going bye-bye and was real happy to be in the car.

As soon as I unstrapped Boomer from the car seat, he was shaking, clinging to me, didn't want me to put him down. I felt so bad :( Helo - the little stinker was flirting with the nurses and getting picked up and passed around giving kisses to everybody.

This is the first night since I had them in five months they will not be with me:crying:

The doctor called at 10am and said everything went fine and they are resting. He was very sweet and reasurring on the phone. He said I can call whenever I want for a update on them.

This will be a long night. I can pick them up tomorrow.
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Aw Rita, I pray today and tonight pass really quickly for you. I know how hard it is to not have them with you. So glad the surgery went well. Before you know it your boys will be back snuggling with you and so happy to be home.:grouphug:
aww ur babies , im pretty sure they will be fine , keep us updated !
They'll be home soon and you'll spoil them and give them much needed kissies.
Awww poor Boomer and Helo. Don't feel bad, Nelson will be joining that club this coming Tuesday as well :HistericalSmiley:

I know he's gonna be all excited to go somewhere...little do they know right! Hope all goes well with your little boys recovery, think of mine on Tuesday too!
hugs to you, the boys will be fine, get rest you'll need it tomorrow, bet you will get alot of kisses
That's really good that your vet is keeping him overnite. They will be's harder on us than it is on them. Rocky was running around after a few hours of being home, so I took away the toys that he acts crazy with and settled him down in a quiet voice..did this for five days...then I let him let loose!:HistericalSmiley:He healed real quickly...I was worried like you too, but it's really not so bad. :Happy_Dance:They are just adorable!
Thanks for responding to me. I have called the vet three times so far. They must think I am crazy. I am going to call again before I go to bed.

Nelson will be in my thoughts on Tuesday.
Happy Boomer and Helo are doing well after their neuters. Tyler was kept overnight too. I was kind of relieved because I was so tired from the stress that day and was able to get some sleep knowing he was in good hands. Sleep quick and good luck keeping two of them quiet so they'll heal. That's the hardest part of it all.
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