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My daughter graduated today!!!

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My daughter graduated from the University of Delaware
today. To say that I'm proud is a huge understatement!!!

Here are some pics:

This is my baby, all grown up and a college graduate!! :wub:

Academic dress Graduation Scholar Mortarboard Clothing

Here is the graduate with her proud parents :aktion033:.

Graduation Academic dress Scholar Mortarboard Event

And here are all 3 of my kids...:wub:

Academic dress Graduation Scholar Mortarboard Event

Thanks for looking!!

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WOHOOO ^_^ CONGRATS to your daughter.. wishing her the best for the future

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures..

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family Debbie.
:chili::chili:Yea!!! Go UD. Congratulations, Debbie!!!! Your DD's beautiful and extra beautiful with the cap and gown. You all must be so proud... you and your DH look it. :wub: And so are we as fellow Blue Hens:) I love that campus.
We are like ships passing in the night. We picked up DS from UD yesterday and got home last night. I thought graduation was tomorrow?
Oh, I know you are so proud of your beautiful daughter!!! Wonderful news!!! Congratulations on her fine accomplishment!!!!
Congratulations to your daughter. You have a lovely family. Best wishes to her with her future!! You have every right to be a proud Mom! :aktion033::aktion033:
Congratulations!!!!!!! You should be proud - no easy feat!!!! Very Cool!!!

Nice fam....:thumbsup:
Congrats. :chili: great family, love the picture of mom, dad and your daughter.
lovely...congratulations to your lovely daughter and to you!
What a great accomplishment! :grouphug: Congratulations to you and your daughter! B)
Congratulations to everyone!!!
:chili: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :chili:

You all look great together. She has dad's smile.
Congrats Debbie! Your heart must be beaming with pride! You have a beautiful family! What did she major in?
congratulations your daughter and all of you!! you have such a lovely family :)
Congratulations to your daughter!!! That's such happy news! She's beautiful by the way!
Congratulations!!!! Your Daughter is beautiful and so is your whole family.
:aktion033::aktion033::aktion033:Congratulations!! What a happy day!! Congrats to your daughter, and congrats to you!! (I know my parents were relieved to re-route all the Amex bills to me when I graduated. :HistericalSmiley:)
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