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Presenting... Ali and her cutie pie! MUFFIE!!!!

Muffie is my adorable little maltese. She is 5 and a half yrs young and has 4 cute siblings. Kinnie, Selky, Lassie and Sherbet. When we first got Muffie, Muffie made an embarrassing mistake. She weedled on Mum! Mum was not impressed, but a cheeky dog can be a playful dog, so you know what happened. Mum fell complety in love with Muffie. In fact Muffie used to be called Scout. Mum named her Muffin because of her muffin shapec adorable head.

Ali, thats me! Well theres not much to tell you about me. I love dogs, animals and Harry Potter. I am a top student at school and I play netball and Karate. I play the piano and the clarinet and used to play violin. I spend most of my time shopping, writing, reading and painting. I love art.
Well thats all! See you late!

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Thanks Friends for ur replys.
No im not from the UK and the dogs I named dont live with me.. they are only Muffie's siblings.
Collette- sorry if i spelt ur name wrong, but thanks for ur replies. -Cool as

Thanks Every1

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