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Recently someone tried to gain access to my home (the key hole was forcibly twisted with extreme force, destroying the deadbolt) but wasn't able to gain access (I think Sophie scared him/her away). Right away, we replaced the door knob to a stronger, higher quality lock, and bought a security camera.

The camera I bought was from Flir. So far, I love it. I haven't mounted outside yet (testing its functions). Currently, I have it facing the kitchen (where I can hear Sophie's barks and see who's snacking on food). I'm planning on buying more cameras and leaving one facing my/Sophie's room.

Just letting everyone know there are other alternatives to Dropcam.

Very, very easy to setup.
Easily stitches hours of video into a few minutes (with time stamps on the moving objects)
Native 1080P resolution (no up-scaling or down-scaling = really clear and crisp video)
Stores videos and pics in a Micro SD card and the cloud (only $10/month on the cloud)
Not totally reliant on your home's electricity and internet
Streams video & audio to your Android and IOS device
Integrated speaker & microphone (you can hear and talk to the person/Maltese you're watching)
Automatic IR sensor
Wide field of view
Smart sensor (only records when it senses motion, change in humidity, temperature, or sound)
Instantly notifies you via phone notifications
Plugged in to a standard AC outlet but also has an integrated battery (4 hours on battery)
Doesn't use up your internet bandwidth (I had 5 computers streaming Netflix and had no connection issues)
The outdoor housing can be removed so that the camera can be used anywhere indoors
All videos (regardless of how many cameras are activated) are stored on the same directory

$229 (for the outdoor version)
Only Android and IOS interface (no web GUI)
You can only stitch videos 3 times a month
Automatically records at 1:30 intervals (you can't specify the recording time but you can manually record and stop)
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