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My grandkids/ guess who's going to be in the paper

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We went to a small town parade aand afterwards we met up with part of our family. We had the best time, the girls loved all the excitement, we were having our lunch and a lady came up to me and ask if she could take a picture of Matilda in her stroller (B&B was sitting on daddy) people stop me asking to take pictures of the girls all the time so I thought nothing about it. After Miss Matilda did her pose:HistericalSmiley: :wub:the lady ask me to write down Matilda's name and mine, when I ask why she said Matilda will be in their small paper this week:chili: we will get the paper and I will post her picture later this week. I thought you might like seeing my grandkids at the fair and the girls in their stroller
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She's going to be a star! :D Thanks for sharing the pictures and can't wait to see the paper! You have a beautiful family btw. :)
:cheer: How exciting.:chili: Matilda makes front page news. They probably knew she was looking for some summer lovin' and thought they'd help by getting some photos out.:HistericalSmiley: None of our guys stand a chance now that she's a celeb. :w00t:
Great pictures of your beautiful grandchildren. I think I've only seen one of your grandsons before. Can't wait to see the photos in the paper. What paper is it?
We have a celebrity here!!! Can Sweetness and Tessa have her pawtograph?
Wow Matilda is going to be famous!:aktion033: Can we have your pawtograph and we can all say we knew you when. Can't wait for you to post a pic when it's in the paper. You'll get so many summer boyfriends you'll have to beat them off with a stick. :)
Your family is beutiflul...Matilda the star!!:wub: Can't wait to
to the pics.
Oh, how exciting!!! Be sure and share the picture with us when you get it. The children are darling. They all look so happy and so sweet!!
can't wait to see the newspaper picture ! you have beautiful grand kids.
ur granchildren are beautiful , and wtg matilda for making headlines !!! dolce wants her pawtograph asap ..
Paula, you have great looking grandkids! I can't wait to see Matilda's picture in the paper. It looks like you and your family had a great day.
how exciting!! cant wait to see their pic!!:wub::wub:
Beautiful grandkids. Looking forward to seeing Matildas picture in the paper. :aktion033:
Oh, I am so thrilled for you and Matilda, Paula! :chili:::chili: I hope you can give us the link to the paper ... it would be fun to see.

Your grandchildren are lovely. And, it's easy to see that they were having such a great time!
How exciting! I can't wait to see the picture! You have such a beautiful family. :heart:
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