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I thought about that too,they said she answered to Sadie,had a bald spot on her tail and looked like the pictures I posted on Craig's List. The collar being gone made me have some doubts,but she came in on the same day as she was lost and no others like her came in.

I was worried too,he was trying though to get there.... He turned down 3 good paying loads going to Texas and Florida and Lousiana,for this lucky shot at PA.

I took the flight money and bought him 2 -30 pound bags of Wellness,treats ,toys and a new collar and leash.

I was already working on the back up plan to get her home. They were going to fly her American Airlines,in the cabin,in the crew area. If that wouldn't have come through,I was going to fly out and driv eher back,if it wasn't too snowy I was going to rent an airplane and fly out. Our local airport would loan me th eplane for cost of fuel. I fly favours for them all the time,picking up parts,picking up and dropping off pilots and ferrying planes so they'd let me use any of their planes.
You sure you're not from the Dakota's? You've got that "get 'er done" way about you! Like that! :thumbsup:
161 - 161 of 161 Posts