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My Inexpensive Game for Toby...

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Toby isn't one for playing. He likes to take walks and lounge. The only real thing he gets excited about (aside from me coming home) are his treats so we use them sparingly.

So that got me to thinking about the Nina Ottosson toys and if Toby would actually play with one. I hate to spend the money and have it sit in the closet. So I came up with my own version of a game.

I took chicken strips (Toby's favorite) and put several pieces under clear plastic cups and set it on the floor. He couldn't really figure it out because the cup just slid around on the floor. So I put a towel down and put a few treats on the towel to provide traction. It worked! He flipped the cup over and got the treat! He also managed to push a few treat cups onto the floor and is now understanding the "game."

Here is a video of what I am talking about...
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What a cute idea! I would love to try this out. Much cheaper than doing trial and error with the Nina Ottosson toys, too! Thanks for the tip! :)
Great idea! Will have to try it.

Where did you get Toby's shirt? I love it!
I love this! I will try it out tomorrow! Thanks for the wonderful idea!
that sounds like a fun game haha! I like toby's tie dye shirt, did you make it yourself :D?
I love it - Toby is so cute in his shirt! And the game looks fun :)
Thanks everyone! No, I didn't make Toby's shirt. I wish I were that crafty! LOL NJDrake (Jane) and I met in Biloxi and she took me to some wonderful doggie boutiques. I got it there. :)
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