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my lil trouble maker

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So I usually make sure Louis has a kong to work on while I'm taking a shower so he doesnt get into trouble. This is usually what I come out to. A content dog.

Today when I got out, this is what I found. :shocked:

My lil trouble maker. He snuck into the bathroom without me knowing and stole toilet paper. Hahaha. He then left all the evidence of his adventure all over my bed.
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Oh my...I can relate to this. It's hard to keep an eye on the little one when in the shower. How cute.
:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:little stinker! Where was the kong?
Louis just wanted to make confetti to welcome you out of your shower:):HistericalSmiley:
LOL!! Cute photos! TP is just too tempting around our little Malts.
So cute! They do seem to love their paper products don't they???

that is just... adorable! Love seeing them being so naughty and love the kong!love
Lol. Plenty of evidence there. Funnily enough Lola did that today too. She came prancing up to me looking all angelic with tp hanging right across her back.
What a cute troublemaker!

Thank goodness he didn't get to the remote (and order pay per view!)
awww..usually Twinkle doesn't rip out the toilet paper unless it is hanging low enough for her to reach.
He had me fooled with the first pic, he looks like an angel. LOL re the toilet paper.:w00t:
:smrofl::smrofl: Thanks! I needed that!!! :HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:
:HistericalSmiley: wait wait Louis' mommy... that precious fluff looks so innocent :innocent::wub:
lol tp is an addiction to them
:wub:That Kong picture is so precious.....and that TP picture is so :HistericalSmiley:

Louis is a cutie!! Thanks for sharing!!
I'm saying he's innocent! How could that cutie be anything but?
:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:Alex is not doing this anymore.
looks like a little angel to me:innocent::HistericalSmiley:
Thanks for all the sweet comments. Louis is a sweet heart when I'm paying attention, but the second I'm distracted I find shredded paper or tissues or stuffing from his toys EVERYWHERE. He's recently decided that all his stuffies need to die so he's been killing at least one a day. The kong picture is actually from a few days before, I took it so I could send it to my bf in Shanghai. He misses Louis so much. I feel bad for both of them because it was a boys club around here before he left. Anyways, thanks for looking at my lil boy!
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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