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My little cottonball

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I haven't been posting much since my grandparents have been taking up a lot of my time. It's always something. Everything is a tragedy to my grandma who makes mountains out of molehills everyday. But Micky keeps the joy in our lives.

Micky seriously needs a trim. His hair is quite "wide" right now. You know, usually dogs hair is long, nope, not Micky's, it just gets wide. So we had our 2nd Gotcha day a few weeks ago and of course had to have a mini celebration. We were gifted a bunch of raffle tickets by some kind soul, and won a free Tanner Tog! We were able to pick out a custom sports Tanner Tog, and got one with the Pittsburgh Steelers on it. Go Steelers! :chili: And thanks to Marti for making it for us. It is reversible with one side mostly yellow, and the other half mostly black. Micky also got a little treat bone, and a new treat toy. Here are some updated pics of my boy.
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OOh, Micky, looking very handsome and I love your new vest!
Micky looks adorable in his new vest:wub: Your a good granddaughter, don't let your grandma get you down. Hugs to you
Love the Steelers vest! I need one for the girls in Bears' fabric!
Ahhh, he looks so cute and I love that reversable steelers vest!!!:wub:
Awe! Happy late second gotcha day!

He looks so adorable! :wub: I just wanna cuddle him up!!
Go Steelers! Micky looks adorable in his new Steelers shirt!!! :wub: Happy 2nd Gotcha Day little man. The treat toy is a great idea, looks like Micky is really enjoying it.
awwwh there you are Mickey ^_^ missed seeing your face in updated photos :D thanks for sharing! I love the vest ;)
I love Micky's new vest. The girls have Tanner's Togs with their names on them and we love them.
You need to post pictures more often!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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