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my little girl is going wee-wwe like a boy

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Jolie has started to mark her territory as well as lift her leg up to pee, I mean really lift it up on trees and posts... I'm not sure if she is confused but I don't even see 10 month old boys lifting their leg this high. And she seems to be peeing everwhere outside, she will just dribbel a bit everytime so she has enough to spread around. Any other girls do this??
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Originally posted by puppylucy+Aug 9 2005, 05:50 PM-->
@Aug 8 2005, 05:48 PM
My bf said the peeing is territorial and the humping is assertiveness...telling the pillow who the #1 dog is!  :lol:

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My Sassy also lifts her leg to mark everywhere outside. She used to mark in my home but finally she realized I was alpha and that would not be tolerated. Now she only makes on the pee pads with sometimes a poop in a strategic place to mark. On our walks she loves to sniff and mark on every spot she smells. My male Maltese, Skeeter only Squats. Sassy was spayed at 6.5 months while Skeeter was neutered at 7 months.

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