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My name is Shari

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I'm a foster parent in Tennessee now going through the process of buying my girl Micah. She's a very sweet baby - about 18 months old who has some issues but we're working on them. This site was recommended to me by some other fosters and I'm glad they did.

From looking around it looks to me like this will be a much more enjoyable home than the site I was trying to join. Thanks for having "us" here. . .

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You and the other volunteers did a wonderful thing. I hope it all works out for each and every one of you!
Y'all want to know something? As much as I hate to hear these stories, it puts things into perspective for the rest of us. Our new little baby sometimes pees a drop or two from excitement and we are all worried about that. Your stories make our problems seems like what they are - small and minor irritations. There will be a special place in eternity for folks like you!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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