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My name is Shari

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I'm a foster parent in Tennessee now going through the process of buying my girl Micah. She's a very sweet baby - about 18 months old who has some issues but we're working on them. This site was recommended to me by some other fosters and I'm glad they did.

From looking around it looks to me like this will be a much more enjoyable home than the site I was trying to join. Thanks for having "us" here. . .

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Welcome to you and Micah. You will find this site to be full of friendly, nice people. Are you one of the fosters from the Siliski puppymill raid a few months ago? Again, glad to have you part of our "group".
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@Oct 20 2004, 10:13 PM
Are you one of the fosters from the Siliski puppymill raid a few months ago? 
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I'm so used to NOT saying anything the idea that I can actually say YES in answer to your question is kind of strange!! I started as a volunteer in late January and brought Micah home in April as my foster. She has slowly taken over the house and I'm honored she is allowing me to continue residence with her, even if only because I have something she doesn't. . . thumbs

Thanks for the warm welcomes, I'll be doing a lot of reading - even though she is not my first rescue dog, she is the first of her kind in my life - so she and I have that much in common...
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I'm so glad you were able to keep her. I had been following the case from articles in the "Tennessean" newspaper online.
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