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My new girl is home!

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Hubby and I drove up to TN to pick up our retiree. (Ch Phlick's Total Chaos) It was so great seeing Janet (the breeder) again. We got to see her current show dogs, and her other retirees - and some absolutely adorable 5-week old puppies, too! Heaven!! :wub:

We brought Chaos (we are not changing her name - her nickname will be Keiko) home last night. She was a little shy and confused on the drive home, but she is doing great fine. She's a very sweet girl with a similar personality to my Nikki. (They are mother and daughter) Her body is shaved, and her head/face hair is similar to a poodle cut. I will let it grow out to a puppy cut with a topknot like Nikki. She has large, expressive eyes. Very pretty.

Nikki and Keiko are tentative around each other. After only one day, Nikki is becoming a little more comfortable. I think that they will get along okay if this trend continues.

I will post pix in a couple of days. I'm exhausted right now. (I'm still suffering from a bout of mild food poisoning, and I don't have much energy.)

Thanks, everyone, for being so supportive!
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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on getting your sweet Chaos. I am sure she will blend right in with Nikki in a very short period of time. :thumbsup:That's what I love about the maltese, they do so well with adjusting. Sorry to hear that you had food poisoning......that is sooooooo miserable. Hope you feel better soon and can't wait for pictures. I am looking at a retiree from another breeder and she has the fluff cut exactly as you described. But hair grows! :)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see photos!!!...and hope you feel better real soon!
Congrats Suzan! I hope Chaos & Nikki hit it off fairly quickly. Can't wait for the pics. Hope you feel better soon!
Congratulations, I am so happy for you!!!:chili::chili::chili: So glad Nikki is doing fine around her!!! Feel better soon yourself Suzan!!!!
Such wonderful news! It's always exciting to hear that a retiree has found a forever home, this is even more heartwarming because you have reunited mother and daughter. Best wishes for a quick, easy adjustment.
:aktion033::aktion033: YAHOO!!!! :aktion033::aktion033: Keiko's home!!!!

I just know after a bit of time those two will be fast friends. You're gonna love having two. :chili:

I'm so happy to hear that Keiko is home! I can't wait
to see pictures of your girls. Feel better soon!!!

woo hooo keiko is home .... im pretty sure her n nikki will be acting like mommy n daughter pretty soon , thatis soo cool , cannot wait to see pics!!! and u take care n feel better soon , drink alot of water !

YEA!! I'm so happy for you Suzan!! wow!! I can't wait to hear more and more about her (and see photos too). I guess mother and daughter didn't recognize each other? By the way, I love her's really CUTE!

Take care of yourself! food poisoning is no joke!
Suzan! I'm over the moon excited for you! I just love the mommy daughter combo. It's so sweet!

I hope you feel better soon. Food poisoning?! Oh my! Your poor stomach. Sending congratulations and get well wishes.
Suzan How wonderful that you can actually visit with the breeder and get to see her dogs... including precious pups!! :wub: Looking forward to seeing your pictures....
Congratulations Susan!!
I can't wait to see pictures of the two together. After they get comfortable with each other Nikki will love having someone to play with.
I hope you're feeling better soon.
That's great, glad they're ok with each other so far. Looking forward to seeing pictures & I hope you feel better soon.
I'm so glad things seem to be working out so far! I can't wait to see pics!
Congratulations, Suzan!! I'm sure that Nikki will just love having a playmate and best friend. And Chaos, whatever you do, don't live up to your name! :HistericalSmiley:
Although drained from he trip & the Montezuma's Revenge, I am certain you're happy to be home with your new baby girl. Many congratulations and we look forward to pics when you feel better. :)
Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures.
Take care of yourself and of your new little one. And Nikki too, of course.
Congrats Suzan. What a precious package to bring home.
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