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My new personal goal!

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So back when we had all of the diet topics I mentioned I had started weight watchers (I joined Nov.1)... well, I just LOVE IT!!! I have lost 14.4 lbs in two months. I had only wanted to loose 15! Now, I see what I look like and I think I'm going to go for 5 more!

ANYWAY! I also mentioned that I when I was in college and for the 6 months post-grad I taught aerobics. Being that I taught like 12-15 classes a week for 4 1/2 years I got a little burnt out and gave up teaching/working out all together (oh, if my students only knew...
). So, I have started to get a little antsy! I really like to talk and spread my "knowledge" of things I truly believe in, so I have set my goal of becoming a Weight Watchers Leader.

The only problem is THEY have to ask
HAHA! So, all I have to do is loose my 5 more lbs, then keep it off for 6 weeks so I can become a lifetime member. After you become a lifetime member you can be asked to be a leader. How fun!!!!

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This way I am still promoting fitness and healthy living which I feel is SO important.

Now, I'm going to send a little note to Oprah because I have a new "Wildest Dream" I want to help young (15-20 year olds) who are overweight learn how to manage food and excercise...

This may mean I have to go back to school to get a health science/ or some-sort-of-other-health-degree. Or maybe I should get a doctor to be my partner... Can you tell I am on a roll? I am just so excited! I could burst right now. I think I finally figured out what I want to do with my life... I want to help people!!!!! YEAH!!!!

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That is just wonderful!!!
Best of luck to you in losing those lbs and becoming a leader!
You will have to let us know if Oparah has you on her show, that would be awesome!!!
I think you definantely have the motivation and determination to accomplish your goal of helping people to lose weight. It is such a stuggle for so many especially if they don't have adequate support. Because it is hard to change habits or start new owns (what your eating and how your exercising.) My husband is an ex college football player so when he was done playing (he tore some stuff up in his knee and he didn't want to have surgery on it, the idea scared him, I think because of all the rehab stuff the sports trainer was doing with him before surgery caused pain (especially the under water exercises) so he quit after that season). Anyway, he gained quite a bit of weight because the exercising he was used to he was no longer doing. It really bothered him
Anyway he lost 45lbs, and would like to lose alittle more if he can, so we are working on it. He is eating better and weight lifting 3 times a week after school. It still is hard for him though because he loves ice cream and candy bars, but he is doing a great job so far. I make sure and eat the same stuff he can that way it's a little easier on him. I don't drink the diet soda though because I think that I am too skinny and don't wanna limit my cals too much.
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Nataliecmu and Sherylmint: Awww, I am sorry you 2 had to go through that.
It must have been so scarey.
I am very glad to hear you are both okay now though!
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