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My silly little girl Nya.

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Sorry about posting another little video of Nya so soon after the last one but I just couldn't resist recording this tonight of her playing with one of her favorite toys. She just loves sticking her head in the gingerbread house! :HistericalSmiley: Once again, don't forget to turn down the sound unless you want to hear the Da Vinci' Code blaring in the background. :blush:
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So sweet. I love Nya's videos- can't get enough of them. She has such a great personality.
there she is:wub: what a crazy wild girl:HistericalSmiley:I noticed Nissa had to make sure baby sister was ok:wub: excuse me I have to go back and watch that video again:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:way to cute
:smrofl:Oh Kim -- how funny and cute. Little Nya in a box. She's having such a good time. And I think Nissa was coming over saying, "Hey little sis. You've got a lot to learn. Just follow my lead," and then she gave up since Nya obviously wasn't listening. How could she with a house on her head? Too cute.:wub::wub:
Kim, I love Nya!! She's so darn cute and looks like she's keeping you and Nissa entertained.
OMG that is the funniest thing I've ever seen! LOL

She is SOOOO adorable and spunky! What energy she has. Preston would probably do the same thing with that
She's so cute!!! What a silly little girl! I just love it when she rolls over belly up with her head in the house too funny.

If you have more videos like that post them every day darn it that was adorable. What a great way to start my day...
No such thing as too many cute videos of Malts! She's adorable,I loved it when she rolled on her belly w/ the house stuck on her head.
:aktion033::aktion033::aktion033: That's so adorable, Kim! Love your little princess with that huge toy! It's so funny how she sticks her small head inside it and walks around! Can hear your laugh ...! LOL

Thanks for sharing! Yes, I could hear the Da Vinci code blaring in your background, but for me this time in the english version, LOL!
Alexandra :wub:
Thanks for the laugh :HistericalSmiley:

Nya is really enjoying that gingerbread house, I think she actually likes it on her head :HistericalSmiley:
Too cute. That toy is as big (or bigger) than she is. LOL
Thank you for all your nice comments everyone! As you can see, I'm enjoying my new little Flip Video recorder. :chili: Nya is proving to be the perfect video subject just like Nissa is my perfect little picture model. :wub: I love my girls.
Very cute, What fun to watch a puppy at play.
My gosh Kim, I haven't even talked to you since you brought little Nya home! I'm smitten - she is such a doll! I can't believe that video - how cute is that?? She is WAY too cute for words!
that is the funniest video!!:wub:
keep them coming!!
That is sooooo funny!!! I love it when she puts that little gingerbread house on her head and just holds it in the air!!! What a cutie~~~~:aktion033::aktion033:
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