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My sister did it to me again!!!

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She took my flossie :blush:

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But Mommy made sure to get me another one, my sister hid hers, then took mine :blink: Annnnnnd I even got to be on my Prince bed, which was sister always uses. :chili::chili::chili:

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Have a good day everyone :wub:
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Hey Leo, girls are like that!!! So glad that Mommy took care of it! You have to over look Mia, she loves you anyway~~~glad you got to take the bed back!!!:wub:
Oh sweet Leo, your very polite and gentlemanly manners were rewarded! I'm betting your mommy even gave you an extra kiss and snuggle because she was so proud of you and your very nice manners. :wub: I am glad you got your Prince bed back. Every little Prince needs his own special bed.
Ha ha!!! So cute!!!! I'm glad Leo got his special bed!! They are both majorly adorable!! :heart: :heart:
Awww Leo, your such a sweetie and I'm so glad you got another flossie.

We do flossie trades here. No one ever ends up with the one they were given.
i'm glad you got your flossie back!! so cute!:wub::wub:
Good to hear, Leo got his Flossie back! That's the way sister's are, :HistericalSmiley:!

Wonderful photos!

Alexandra :wub:
LOL Leo, your sister is funny :D mommies are great aren't they ?

awwh you both look super cute

Hey Leo,Boo says if he ever gets out of jail,he's coming to teach you how to sneak your flossie right back.

Glad you got a new flossie sweet Leo.
Haha I like the first pic where he's just looking resigned to the fact that she always takes his stuff. I can hear his sigh all the way over here.
awe! Poor Leo! Your sister isn't that nice is she? lol It's a good thing that you have your mommy to look after you! ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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