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My sister found a Bassett Hound

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Well, my sister found a bassett hound on her street...her neighbor was going to take her to the local animal control, so fortunately I was at her house visiting when this happened. I took the dog, and made about 15 "found dog" signs and put them around the area where she was found. She is now in my back yard HOWLING! It is only 6:45pm and I have not received any calls so far. I hope, since it starts to get dark at about 8:30pm that someone will see the sign and call me to pick her up. 4 dogs is way too much for me. I think it is an inside dog, but I won't be able to keep her inside, so I put a few old sheets in our old travel kennel that was for my Rottie, and she is near my dog's kennel outside...they are keeping her company. It is the SWEETEST dog though!
She followed me everywhere, she didn't even have a leash on!

What a pain, I have a headache, but I did not want to take her to animal control. -_-

Just wanted to share!

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Happy ending!

The owner picked her up yesterday, the same day I dropped her off!

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What a happy ending
. I bet her humans where going crazy for her
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I just love happy endings. I know I would go crazy if Lacey or my cat Spoozie ever got outside and was lost. Lacey is microchipped and I hope if she ever does get lost someone like you finds her.
Wow that is great news that her owners came and picked her up. What a caring person you are though to be so willing to take her in yourself and find her a home.
Well done and I also love happy endings
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I'm so glad there's a happy ending! WOOHOO! Great job, Elegant!
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