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My sister is getting a Maltese retiree -Diamond Mona Lisa's Smile !

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Many of you may have met my sister Sue at the Maltese Nationals. She roomed with me and helped me with my Malty crew. Then shortly after we got home my husband and I left for our European vacation and my sister stayed at our home to babysit the critters. This is only an easy feat if you love animals ( which she does) She had to feed 4 horses 2x a day, and 2 cats 2 x a day and 5 dogs ( 1 Sheltie and 4 Maltese) at various times.diets etc. She had to do the daily grooming etc too. Well she did great. She even let the Malts sleep with her ( they are used to sleeping with humans)

After we got back, I knew she was bitten by the Maltese bug ! She loves them. So I called Mr Tran to find out if he had any retirees that would be ready for their forever home. And guess what?

You guessed it , he did. She is a beauty. She won the #1 Jr Puppy in the 2006 Nationals ! Her name is Diamond Mona Lisa's Smile. He agreed that my sister would be a perfect home, she is an experienced dog owner and is a widow with lots of time and love to give. Also Mona Lisa is the great aunt of my Mimi and Twinkle and aunt of Jilli- so its all in the family.

So since my sister was puppy sitting for a friend until this weekend, I volunteered to pick Mona Lisa up. She is a doll. Very lovey and energetic. She was tentative on day one but has just blossomed. She romps with my girls and sort of follows the leader. She is partially potty trained, so she is confined to the ex pen went I can't be right there, but she is making good progress. And she just Loves the outdoors.

My sister is busy spending money on doggy stuff on e bay while she pet sits! I can't wait until she comes to get her new baby girl. I am so happy for her. I am sure sister Sue will join our forum and sew beautiful designer clothes ( My sister is a serious sewing buff).

Pictures will follow.....
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Oh wowwww!!!! Congrats to your sister!! I want to see pics!!!
Oh that is just great!! Congrats to you sister and glad that you kept it all in the family!!:wub:
Congrats Sue! I know you will love your new baby. I can't wait to see her.
Yes, I remember your sister....wasn't she a "big dog" person? LOL....I figured she'd come around after being with so many malts at the nationals...and then just being at your house!!! :aktion033: good for her.
How fun that will be for both you and your sister! Now she needs to post pics and let us know how it goes. :)
Oh I remember your sister, she was so nice. Please tell her Frankie says hello.
Well please tell your sister congratulations on getting her first maltese!!! It was really nice meeting you and her at the pizza party!! Do you think she will be able to stop at just one???:w00t::w00t:
So excited for your sister Sue and you!!!

How wonderful that you have a sister to share the love of Maltese with, and such beautiful Maltese they are!!! Love your pics and cannot wait to see your sister's pic and clothes!
That's exciting news but where are the pictures!!
oh that is wonderful! Your sister is a special lady and I'm so glad she has her own malt to love!
isn't it such a special honor when breeders entrust us with their retirees? congratulations to your sister and her new baby!
Cat - I'm so happy for her and you. How great that's going to be when you get together. I remember her too from the pizza party and know I caught a photo of her with one of your sweeties. I'd say she was bit by the maltese bug - a dangerous "bite" I must say. It swells into love and an addiction to all things Maltese. Luckily, there's no antidote:) Send her my best.
What great news! Your fam is expanding!
Congrats to your sister.
I like the name Mona Lisa.
Congratulations to your sister!! I hope we'll get to see some photos later!!
Congratulations to your sister!!! Can't wait to see pics and for her to join SM!
thats great ! cant wait for her to join sm n post pics!
:chili: Another one gets the "Maltese bug" Cat, what a blessing to have a sister who can help when you need to leave!
oh, how great, congrats to your wonderful sister!!!
cant wait to see pics!!:chili::chili:
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