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My vacation to the Carolinas!!

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The first part of our trip was getting there - there were just too many of us to fly and rent cars so we drove!!! There were so many of us that we had to take TWO cars! First, me and mom drove down to Cape Cod in her old car because she was bringing it to her grandpa to make some repairs. That was fun because in Mom's old car my seat goes next to the window:thumbsup:, not in the middle like in her new truck:angry:. Dad followed a few hours later in his car.

We stayed for one day at Grandma Mary's and then it was time for us all to "HIT THE ROAD":aktion033:. But first, I had to get some energy out said Mom so we played a game of catch.

I started my drive with my dad in his car, just us guys, but after our first stop I jumped into Grandma Mary's car to ride with my cousin Bobo. He really liked the ride. Here he is in his cage.

There was a pool at the Condo Complex we were staying at and they also had a sidewalk that went all around the complex. Mom and I walked it many times a day and I became good friends with the security man:police: at the pool. He really liked me but he said I couldn't swim in the pool but he did let me go and visit my family at the pool. It was so bright I wish I had to wear :supacool:. Just kidding:HistericalSmiley:but mom did say she wished I had doggles cause it was BRIGHT!

Mom and Dad often went to the beach during the day and it was just too hot for me to go so I stayed behind with Bobo in the Condo. At first I was confined to my xpen but once I showed that I could be good I just wasn't allowed in the kitchen.:innocent:

At night we would often go out on adventures. Although this sign made me a little nervous!

Mom and Dad ended up going for a date night. Mom picked the restaurant based on the sign (she loves flip flops) and they had their picture taken.

Another day we went to a huge outdoor mall area and there were lots of hungry fish! I was very careful not to get close to the edge (actually, mom picked me up - I think she was nervous the fish would eat me)

Don't worry - here are the pictures of me!!! This is me walking around the complex. The sidewalks were painted gray and with special paint so they stayed nice and cool!

more in next post
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Here's me and Dad walking on the sidewalk - he picked me up so Mom could get a great picture!

I also helped the landscaper while I was visiting - I watered almost every shrub there was over my 2 week stay!

I was so helpful that Mom brought me home some crab legs for dinner - don't they look great!!!

Well, that's really what my vacation was all about! Here's the last two pictures. One is of my mom, Grandma Mary and 2 of my 3 "aunties" and the last is of the pickle sign that my Mom made my dad pull over onto the side of the road so she could get a good picture. She's crazy for pickles and I have to say, I love them too!:thumbsup:

Thanks for following my vacation!
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Oh Hunter it looks like you had yourself a grand old time. For you
to help the landscaper like you did on your vacation is beyond kind:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:.
I'm sure your hard work was worth the crag legs, they sure look
yummy!! I'm so glad your back little guy, I missed you!

Erin, glad to see you and your family had a wonderful time.
It's alway nice to get away but it's also nice to come home. We missed you around here!
Hunter - that looks like you had a fun time!
What a grand vacation! And what a helpful little guy you are, Hunter! :wub: And what great pics of your lovely family!

BTW, I LOVE Mt. Olive pickles... they're one of the best brands on the market. Their sandwich dills are tops!
Nice photos, Erin. Glad you had a good time.
I didn't know know came down to the Carolina for your vacation, Hunter! Glad you had fun!
oh my Hunter. You looked like you had a wonderful adventure with everyone (including bobo).
Looks like you guys had quite the time! and I would've pulled over for that pickle sign too!! :D

Thanks for sharing!
Hunter - what fun. :chili: It looked like you had a terrific time.Tyler says he wished he was with you in that condo. Happy you skirted the alligators and ferocious fish.:blink: What a nice place to stay and it looked like you had lots of trees to "water." Too bad it was too hot to go to the beach. :sweatdrop: I love the photo of your mom and dad. I see he likes flip flops too.:thumbsup: Now Hunter, don't tell me that blonde lady on the left is your grandmother. You must have that wrong. It must be your mom's sister. :Happy_Dance: We sure missed you and your mom, little guy.
Thank you for these Fun Fun Fun photos :D loved looking at all of them glad that u had a good time ^_^ and Hunter, you sure know how to release the energy ;)
Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing :)
Hunter, what a fun trip! :aktion033: Thanks for sharing with us. I am afraid of alligators too. They are just too big and scary. Did you see any of those crazy men that put their heads into the alligator's mouth? :w00t: The crab legs looked so wag-licious! You are one lucky little guy, your mom and dad are a great looking couple. :thumbsup:
Oh Erin, what great pics, what a beautiful family, oh and of course dear Hunter is adorable as always!!!! Loved the pics!!
It looks like you had a wonderful time........I got a kick out of the Mount Olive Pickle picture!!! I heard on the CNN last night that the hurricane is moving to the west and may hit the outer banks of NC. I hope it changes its course by Thursday or a good portion may be destroyed......sad!!!
Kitzel says: "That Hunter is one lucky Dude---Carolinas are the place to go!" He loved Hunter's watering brigade---what a thoughtful guy!
Very handsome & happy couple & lovely family too----what more could anyone want in this life?
Thanks for letting us enjoy your holiday too!
I had so much fun sharing my vacation with my friends here on SM. And, while I am sooo happy to be home - wanna know why I wish I was still on vacation????
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Erin I so enjoyed your pictures. Looks like you had a great time. I bet Hunter is super relaxed from his road trip! And pickles??? YUM!!!! I love them too!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your trip. You, hubby, Hunter and family all are beautiful!!!!!:wub:
What a great family vacation, glad you all had fun. :aktion033:
What a great vacay!! That sign about alligators and wildlife that may bite would have scared me too. But I know your mommy and daddy kept you perfectly safe. As fun as vacations are, it's always nice to get back home, isn't it?
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