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Hello, dearest Maltese mommies.

To start it off, I am a doctor but not a vet. As a doctor I am a pro vaccine as I know it does help humans. HOWEVER, as I read more and more into this forum I am starting to feel nervous about the shots my puppy got and she already had a Lepto shot and 2nd DHPP (she is 12 weeks now). The vet told us to come back next month = when she is 4 months old, to receive DHLPP+rabies (omg!).

I live in Bali, where there are a lot of wild animals urine everywhere. So, what are your recommendations?
1. Is Lepto shot TOTALLY and strongly discouraged to be administered to Maltese puppies?
2. What happened if she already had her shot, should I continue or stop here?
3. Should I wait until she is older and postpone all vaccines?

Thanks in advance.
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