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My what big EYES you have!!!

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I'm working with Callie on looking at me when I make a funny noise instead of running to me. :wub:

So I had my mom tempt her with a treat. The result was not quite what I had in mind. But it was awfully cute! :HistericalSmiley:

(That's G'ma's hand there in the picture with Callie.) :blush:

And I know I already have a ton of these I've shared, I just can't help it. Jett and Callie LOVE LOVE LOVE each other!!!

And they call it, puppy love...:smootch::heart::smootch:
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:HistericalSmiley: What a great picture of Callie! Soooo cute!

The pic of Callie and Jett melts my heart :wub::wub:
Awwww, Im so happy for you! Jett looks more twinkly eyed with Callie around. Puppy love is the best.
LOL at the first pic of Callie - well, you did ask her to look soI don't see anything wrong LOL! Love the pic of Jett and Callie - two snuggle bugs.
Callie is quite the cutie and i love how well her and Jett get along. They look as if they have always belonged together.:wub:
Adorable pictures of two adorable fluff's! :wub::wub:

Callie really has her eye glued on the treat, too! Very cute picture ... look at her eyes! LOL
So darling! Jett does look in love. haha! That little zebra print dress is so cute on Callie.
Oh Crystal, those pictures are precious beyond words :wub::wub: LOVE the puppy love..sooooooooooooooo cute :wub:
Ohhhhh, how cute!!!! How wonderful that she and Jett are buddies!!!
She is a doll and that Zebra print dress is sooo precious on her. Thanks for sharing. Made me grin. :D
Adorable photos! Callie looks like such the girly girl!! It's so nice to hear that they're buddies and love each other!!
Awww Crystal, she is a bright eyed beauty :wub: I seemed to have missed your new addition due to absence. It's great to see Jett and Callie are bonding well. Congrats on her joining your little family:aktion033:
Haha that pic is too funny! I'm so glad she's fitting in well with you guys. :heart:
She's going to get that treat no matter what! hey I have not seen too many pics of Jett and Callie - have I missed some posts? I've hardly seen any. Keep 'em coming.
Oh gosh Crystal, what a precious little cutie,absolutely adorable. Are you sure you really need 3 though? If it's too much work, just send her on down to me. Callie:wub: & Jett:wub: make the perfect little snugglebunnies though,so I guess you won't be changing your mind.Big Sigh
Oh my goodness...:smheat:......Jett and Callie are a winning pair!!!!! I believe you've hit the jackpot, my friend!!!! :aktion033:
So cute! case you hadn't noticed, I think Callie likes treats... I know, hard to believe! ;) LOL

I love seeing her & Jett snuggling!
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