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naddie and I are once again doing the dogwalk

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Last year Naddie and I did the "Mickey's Mile" dog walk. It's to raise funds for Purdue University's research for canine cancer. Naddie absolutely loved it last year!!
I just sent our registration in today and we're walking in memory of my little Missy. The organizers do a fantastic job!...and what fun to meet up with all those 'doggie-people'. So many breeds and they all seem to be in their glory! LOL I have to take a day off from work but it's so worth it.

No, my little man likely won't be going. Quincy is probably staying at home with daddy. He'd never keep up and yes, I do have a stroller but a bit hard for this type of thing to handle the stroller and Naddie on a leash with so many others around.Part of the 'walk' is thru wooded paths... and a bit rough and narrow at that. I can't see being able to maneuver the stroller thru that.

They have vendors for food and doggie items, they have a raffle > Many local business donate items for the raffles and there were a lots of nifty items.It's nice because by each 'prize' there is a basket and you drop your ticket stub into those baskets of items you wish to win. Last year they had some demos on doggie agility and other activities for both people and pooches.

New this year, they're setting up a small doggie play area. Don't know if I'll let Naddie 'loose' in that or not, will have to see the set up.

Anyway I'm excited about it ... hope the weather is as lovely as it was last year. It's on sat June 5th... I'll try to take lots of pictures. last year they had a professional photographer and I found she had a few shots of my little Naddie on her website which pleased me of course LOL .
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Terry -- that just wonderful. I hope the weather is good for the walk.

BTW -- do you still have to protect Naddie's eyes from the sun? Just popped into my head.
you go girls:chili::chili:sounds fun.
By the way Terry how's your dh feeling?
Yes, If she is out in bright sun for any length of time she has to wear a visor and/or the protective glasses. For just quick 'potty-outtings' or if it is not real bright sun she doesn't have to. A lot depends on the time of day and 'height' of the sun as well. I can tell immediately if she really needs them as she'll start to squint.

As to hubby.... doing pretty good.....considering. the anemia has improved, he's getting B-12 shots and I think that has helped. He doesn't seem to have to 'drag' himself around so much ... not as exhausted so easily. Blood oxygen levels are staying pretty good. He is on oxygen at home, though not 'full-time'. From after supper till he gets up for breakfast... then sometimes during afternoons for a bit but that isn't all that often. So, the COPD is being held on track.
He's now on meds for diabetes so having to keep closer eye on his blood glucose levels... he's headed a bit low a few times because he didn't eat 'properly"... but overall so far so good. His other 'issues seem to be at a status-quo which actually is good. they aren't going to get 'better' but at least not getting much worse! We're grateful!
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