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Naddie and Quincy PT#2

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Both twirps : ):

After an 'exhausting' time iof investigating the yard. Mr. Quincy loves to go lay on his back.. feet up in the air and 'chill-out" LOL
BTW please excuse the messy yard.. we're late working on it ( Winter took a terrible toll... and plus in these photos our mower had conked out so grass is really awful LOL )

Another long distance shot of Quincy 'chillin out' on his back LOL

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LOL Quincy is a hoot. I think I would like to chill out in your yard looks so relaxing.
Hi twirps. I've missed you 2 beauties. Terry, your home and property look amazing.
I love them your pictures and think you need to post pictures more often.
It looks like a beautiful day for the pups to be lounging outside.
Ahh Thanks everyone for the nice comments! yes, Quincy is a hoot! LOL He's one of these as long as his "creature-comforts" are met, he's a happy guy ! LOL

I have to say I was actually embarrassed about the outside ... we usually have it all neatly groomed by this time of year... and lots more flowers!! However this year,... life's 'stuff' has gotten in the way and we are so far behind. The mower 'dieing' didn't help either!
It takes me much much longer to 'do my thing' since I injured my shoulder and it frustrates me.
But I do love the 'space' and love spending evening on the patio and 'puttering' if even for only 1/2 hour with the twirps taking in the world around them. We get a beautiful view of sunsets!

Once again thanks so much!
Now if Quincy isn't something, that is the way I want to be out in the yard.......wonder if the neighbors would think I was trying to show myself!! He looks so comfortable and relaxed.......Love it!!! You got some great shots of your babies and your beautiful green lawn~~~~
lol! Quincy is quite the character! Love both of your babies! :wub:
Oh wow! Your yard is fantastic!! Your babies must feel like they live in heaven. They sure know how to enjoy their paradise. :thumbsup:
What a lovely yard to play in! They're adorable.
What an adorable pair they are! It looks like fun laying out on the grass enjoying the warm sun. :)
I just love when they lay on their backs with the feet up :HistericalSmiley:Maisie does it all the time but my 2 little poodles don't do this.
adorable ^_^ and looks like they enjoy it at Mr. Quincy in that second pic :D love him and his sister

Love both sets of pictures of Naddie and Quincy, they certainly seem to love the outdoors, they are so cute and I noticed that Naddie lays just like Koko with her legs stretched out at the back. Your garden looks so nice and cool, a nice place to enjoy some good fesh air and sunshine :thumbsup:
Thank you for sharing.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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