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Naddie & Quincy Enjoying outside PT #1

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I finally downloaded some photos off my camera ( got notice my memory card was full LOL )




Will put more in another thread...
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Awww, Naddie & Quincy are both so sweet! Thanks for sharing their adorable pictures! :wub::wub:
ahh they are sweet....just hanging out with mom, what more could you want?
So cute! Like your garden, too! Off to look for more. :)
:wub::wub: Like your little fairy or angel too.
great pictures :chili:
They're both so adorable! :wub: More pictures more pictures! :party:
Quincy and Naddie look so adorable.:wub::wub: Lovely seeing them outside looking as happy and sweet as can be. Great closeups of Quincy. More please::)
Good to see new pictures of sweet Naddie & Quincy:wub:. They're both as adorable as ever.
I loved your pictures. Naddie and Quincy are adorable and it looks like they're enjoying their time outside.
Oh, what great looking pictures of two sweet babies.......they are adorable!!! Love your flowers too!!!!
Terry - Naddie and Quincy are both looking great. It's been a while since I've seen pictures of them. :)
Oh my....look at that loving, sweet expression in Quincy's beautiful eyes! And Miss Naddie is adorable in her pigtails!
adorable babies who i missed seeing their updated pictures .. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful summer season....
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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