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I agree, that quick will grow if you don't trim the nails, I am sure though that if your vet thought the nails should be trimmed more often they would have let you know.

I have a friend with an Irish wolf hound (Coco), she didn't even know Coco had a dew claw and wasn't trimming it; it curled around and it was discovered because Coco was chewing at it. The vet gave her a local and clipped the claws, then used something else to stop the bleeding..... Now I wasn't there, so I don't know the details and all this may be different for the regular claws (?)

For Tiki I very seldom have to trim his claws. He goes for a walk on lead about 3 times a day.... at least once a day we will walk past a yard with other dogs that are going crazy, running up and down the fence, barking. Tiki won't bark back, but he will try to pull and run along the fence. I have him on a harness so I just keep it tight; sort of like he is running in place. I started doing this because the vet said that the less I react, sooner or later he will give up and just walk by these yards. Anyway... because he does this he files his nails on the side walk

I check them after every bath though and if they need trimming I do it while he is wrapped in the towel one paw at a time.

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