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The study used MCT OIL, which usually consists of part coconut oil and part palm oil. You can buy MCT oil online. I use it my shakes and in salad dressings.

Aged dogs receiving MCTs, as compared to age-matched controls, showed dramatically improved mitochondrial function, as evidenced by increased active respiration rates. This effect was most prominent in the parietal lobe. The improved mitochondrial function may have been due to a decrease in oxidative damage, which was limited to the mitochondrial fraction. Steady-state APP levels were also decreased in the parietal lobe after short-term MCT administration. Finally, there was a trend towards a decrease in total Abeta levels in the parietal lobe. BACE1 levels remained unchanged. Combined, these findings suggest that short-term MCT administration improves energy metabolism and decreases APP levels in the aged dog brain.

Full article:
Induction of ketosis may improve mitochondrial fun... [Brain Res. 2008] - PubMed result
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