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Neat personality test

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I think this was on NBC news or something. I've taken different tests before but have never seen this one. I'm a cocker spaniel

Once you have gotten to the page, look on the left side and click "game" and it will lead you there.

Dog personality test

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lol i'm a king charles spaniel
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Originally posted by tlunn@Apr 3 2005, 10:29 AM
German Spitz

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Me, too.
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im a sheltie
I'm a Bichon Bolognese! Well, at least it kinda looks like a Maltese.
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I am a chow chow lol grrr
I'm a field spaniel. What the heck is that?
I am an italian greyhound. For some reason, I find this to be too funny. I am certainly not that skinny.
I've done this test before and I was something totally different...

I was a Miniature Pinscher this time!
lol i'm a king charles spaniel [/B]
Me too!! We all own Maltese, but none of us are Maltese!
Originally posted by Tavish@Apr 7 2005, 12:09 AM
lol i'm a king charles spaniel  
Me too!! We all own Maltese, but none of us are Maltese!
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Huh? I'm a Munsterlander....a mix between a spaniel and a setter? ok-why not.

I really don;t like too many of the spaniels, though.

Deep inside, I'm a maltese. :D
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