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Sorry I'm starting so many threads this past couple of days, but I really need to get caught up with rescue, and SM. I'll be leaving Wednesday, for a convention in Palm Springs, for four days, and will get even further behind. My new job, and my doggies, are pretty much taking every minute of my time lately.

So back to topic. When I'm at the office, much of my work is follow up through email. I send tons of emails. I want a catchy phrase in support of rescue to add to my siggy. I'm also thinking a small pic of a Maltese. It would have to be unobtrusive, and not "in your face".
I can't offend a million dollar account either, by saying "be a responsible pet owner, blah,blah". As this account may not have his pet fixed, and claim I'm calling him irresponsible ~ LMAO ~ He would be ~ :HistericalSmiley:

Oh, I work for a Contract Security Central Station, so something with the word security, alarm, or anything "life saving" would be cool.

I'm up for any ideas!! Help me spread the word. If we get several ideas going, then maybe others would like one of them, and add it their siggy.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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