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Need advice desperately

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While I was out this afternoon, my husband said Pico was very clingy with him and his tummy was rumbling. This has happened before but as the evening wears on he is unable to settle down, hasn't eaten anything all day and I can feel and hear the gurgling in his intestines.

Does anyone know if I can give him some Pepto Bismal to settle his tummy? We're not going to get any sleep tonight at this rate. He is so restless and his tongue is hanging out and he's getting a little frantic in his movements.

Please, can anyone help?
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You should call your vet this evening. Is he uncomfortable when you push on his abdomen? Can he lay down comfortably?
is he panting? he might be in pain...can u call an emergency vet to ask them questions? i would suggest gasex if he has gas pain. i would have to look up the dose for the pepto, and see if it is ok for his liver...did he eat n e thing he wasnt supposed to yesterday??
He doesn't seem to mind when I massage his tummy but when he lays down, he jumps back up in 15-30 seconds and just paces around on my lap.

I called the Emergency Animal Hospital that my vet uses and they can see him but I'm really uncomfortable doing that......but I guess that's my only option at this point. I'm pretty worried about him. He's panting and trembles from time to time.
sounds like he is really hurting..i would definately bring him in...u will both feel better if u do
If he trembles does it mean that it's hurting very badly or maybe a fever?

I hope Pico is ok. TAKE CARE
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I did bathe him yesterday and he always licks the shampoo when I wash his mustache and beard but he's never reacted this way.

He's not been out of our sight for the past two days so I don't think he ate anything he shouldn't.

Well, he seems quieter now. He's alert but laying quietly on my lap for a change. Maybe the worse is over.....?
I'm in tears as I type this, so thankful for you all that responded to my plea. He seems fine now finally. I am so grateful that you all were here for me and Pico, I just can't tell you how much you helped just by responding.

He's quiet now. Napping in his favorite position with his nose stuck in the crook of my elbow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. If he gets another spell tonight Iwill take him to the emergency hospital. Otherwise, I'll wait until tomorrow and call my vet to find out what to do if it happens again. I guess it was gas but he wasn't farting or pooping or anything.

Whew! I'm exhausted from worrying about this little fur-butt.
glad he seems to be feeling better..but any signs of discomfort, bring him in please
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Hope all is well with little Pico!! Sisse sends tail wags and kisses. Please keep us posted about his condition. Hopefully it passed and you all will get some sleep tonight.....
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I will take him in if he has another spell tonight. The gurgling seems to have stopped and he's quiet now. He seems to feel better.

Thank you all for the advice.
Originally posted by Holliberry@Mar 21 2005, 08:28 PM
One more thing - since I still cant imagine a puppy that doesnt need sleep-  have you looked into her diet?  Maybe she has too much of something (sugar? carbs?) that is just firing her up?  Maybe treats or is she getting fed from everyone?  Just a thought...

I see the other posts about the collapsed trachea coming up.  I did mention that to my trainer and he didnt know of it, so I informed him.  at any rate, he did not approve of choke collars for the simple reason they cut off the air to the dogs which is good enough reason for me.
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Awww..poor Pico...lots of wiggles and kisses..
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Awww! I'm glad Pico is napping now. I hope everything is okay!!
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If I know nothing else I have alot of exp with gas because of Hollis stomach cancer. There were times she blew up and her tummy was as hard as a rock and I held her and comforted her for hours while I balled my eyes out. We made it to the emergency clinic exactly 2 times and each time we walked in the door she made the loudest noise (from her posterior region) and ended up fine. Did that happen with Pico? hard tummy or just noisy?

Anyway, there is a gas thing they make for babies- its called Simethicone. My vet had given me something similar to maalox or gasex- but nothing worked like this stuff. Now I have to say that I didn't ask my vet so I am curious if any vets here know any adverse effects of this? If not, I will say instead of her suffering for an hour or even two- it was 10 minutes with a tiny dose of this stuff.

I'm so glad to hear everything is better. gee I know what a terrible feeling it is to hold these little babies while they suffer
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Originally posted by Holliberry@Mar 21 2005, 09:22 PM
Anyway, there is a gas thing they make for babies- its called Simethicone.  <div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=45163

Brand name=Mylicon! It was a lifesaver for us! My daughter had colic!
They have generic brands too, like Walmart/Equate. We also got a prescription of it from the doctor, but it didn't seem to work any different/better. The smaller liquid dose of that may be better for gas in our little ones than trying to get a gas-x down them.
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geez, i was soo scared for pico.
im glad he's doing bettter. definitely post again to say what the vet says. i wonder what it is?
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gas ex is simethicone...there r not adverse effects of it
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I'm so glad Pico is feeling better. I know that helpless feeling you must have had when he was panting and uncomfortable.... keep us posted.....
I am glad he is feeling better, it is so scary when you don't know what's wrong. I don't think it was the shampoo, too much time elapsed since you bathed him.
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