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Need advice for buying a second Maltese

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My CoCo is 6 months old and I am thinking about getting a second one as a playmate for her. Wondering if it’s best to get another female or if I should get a male. Is there a certain age that CoCo should be before I get a second one? Any thoughts?
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@Angoohlala- My Maltese is 2 yrs 1/2 (14 and change in dog years) and I also want to get another dog, just wasn't sure if it's the best idea. I also really want him to have puppies and i haven't found a mate, but he is so energetic I'm more afraid of bringing another dog because he wants to run and hump (for lack of better term) any dog he sees. Those are my concerns. I hope to hear some feedback from other maltese parents. :)
To both posters, I think you should make sure your current Maltese is healthy, and trained to be a good housepet-- housetrained or trained to pee pads, not a nuisance barker, friendly to people and other dogs, good on a leash especially if you don't have a fully fenced yard.

For TobyGiraldo, unless someone expert regarding the Maltese breed says that your Male will improve the Maltese breed, don't do it. Neuter him, get his behavior under control (see first paragraph), and consider just a nice companion for him, not a mate to breed.

Bringing out the big guns here-- an article about how much can go wrong if you breed your (hypothetical) female: So you want to be a breeder? (
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Totally agree with everything MSS has said. Leave the breeding up to those who are spending the time and money to do genetic research, testing, and showing to be sure they are producing excellent representations of the Maltese breed. Anything else is irresponsible and not in the best interest of the dog. I volunteer for a rescue and see all too often the results of home breeding - "parents" with expensive health issues and litters with serious congenital problems that pet parents aren't emotionally or financially equipped to handle.
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