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Rescue dogs come with a lot of baggage and many times people get in way over their head when they adopt one. Instead of getting a "free" dog, they can end up spending more than it would cost to buy a puppy and still have problems. With love and patience you can help a rescue deal with its past, but you can never erase it.

I would suggest having her have a trainer come to her home and evaluate the dogs. Then she will have a much better idea of what she is dealing with and how to modify the behavior.

Understanding the mind of a rescue is very important. Dogs are very security/pack oriented and it is devastating for them to be separated from their owner (pack leader), to leave the only security they ahve ever known. Just being a shelter can be emotionally damaging. I worked with Siamese rescue awhile back and I know we tried to get Siamese out of shelters ASAP!

I would suggest your friend get a copy of "Secondhand Dog" by Carol Benjamin. It is a fabulous look into the mind of the rescue and full of great advice and training tips.
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