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Diamond used to bite at her front paws to the point where they were bloody.

We switched her food from naturo with chicken to acana pacifica (we switched Diamond to Acana after reading about it on this site and getting feedback from people on here)

Diamond stopped licking her paws and we haven't really noticed a problem since. We told our vet about the change in food. She said that a lot of dogs have problems with poultry so it was good that we switched her to one without any poultry source.

Also: our vet said that the fish was a good choice because a diet high in fish provides them with oils that actually would help dogs heal from minor injuries and generally help maintain good health.

We were also concerned with amt of protein after reading some critiques, but our vet didn't seem to think there was reason to worry. All of Diamond's blood work has come back normal.

Personally we would recommend Acana bc it seems to have helped Diamond and she seems to like it. We'd also just like to add that we feed Diamond treats that are just dried sweet potato and this combined with Acana seems to give her nice, healthy poos (after Diamond's bum troubles....we appreciate healthy poos :D )
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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