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Not all foods will work best for all dogs, but it has not been proven that rosemary or rosemary extract causes or contributes to seizures or other health problems.

Two of the top dry dog foods are Orijen and Acana (grain-free varieties) and I would suggest trying either of those. They are manufactured by the same company, Champion Pet Foods, and Orijen is higher in protein than Acana. I used to feed Orijen 6 Fresh Fish but it turned out to be slightly too rich for my two so I switched to Acana Pacifica. I now rotate between Acana Pacifica and Acana Grasslands for variety. Whichever brand you select, make sure it is grain-free, and if your pup is itching, it may be allergic to poultry, so a fish based food might be best.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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