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Hi everyone,

I've been doing a little research on dry dog foods. I've read a couple of threads, and I'm trying to wrap my brain around all of the differences. I have a 1½ year Maltese. I started him on Science Diet, but read that it has a lot of filler and by-product. I want him to have the best diet possible. I'm not terribly concerned about cost, as long as I'm feeding what's best for him.

Over the past couple of months he has been biting at his paws on occasion, and he has slight tear staining. I decided to switch Jasper to Blue Buffalo Small Breed Natural Fish and Brown Rice (gradually, of course). But after reading some of your posts in other threads, several of you mention that rosemary is an ingredient you want to steer clear of, as it can cause seizures. BB does contain oil of rosemary. Now I'm concerned that I haven't made a wise choice, not for lack of good intention, but simply for lack of education on the subject. Seems like a lot of you recommend Orijen or ACANA. Jasper seems to like the whitefish in BB, so I'm wondering if Orijen 6 Fish might be a good choice? Those who use it, is it helpful in reducing tear staining and itchy skin?

Any advice you guys have for me would be sincerely appreciated.

Hope everyone has a marvelous day!

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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