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Need advice on new behavior with Lilly

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All of a sudden yesterday Lilly became scared of DH :w00t:
She won't take treats from him, won't look at him, actually shakes when he is around. Of course he takes it personally (he is so sensitive but won't admit it).
When I pulled her up into bed this morning for morning cuddlies (DH was already out of bed) it was like she smelt him and headed back to her crate would not even stay.
:hiding: :behindsofa: :shy:

The only other time I have seen anything like this was after she was going up the stairs for awhile she all of a sudden was afraid of them. Took awhile but she goes up now.

The only thing different in our home is my daughter is home for two days (actually leaves today). She is not use to other people in the house and so every once in awhile forget she is there and barks at her. But DH has been working during the day so he is not even here.

Oh and I took her to the mall yesterday for the first time. She stayed in her bag and nothing happened, I don't even think people realized she was there.

Anyone else have this happen?

Thanks everyone I know I can always come to you guys for advice.
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I wonder if he had some sort of smell on him. Wash those clothes and your bedding. I'm sure hubby has showered :)
Otherwise let hubby take over the "good stuff duties" ie feeding, treat, training, play. And you get to be the boring one for a while. Don't fuss over her or make a big deal. Just ignore her for acting "silly" and praise/reward for good behavior towards him.
Wow what a good guess. We were trying to figure it out and the only thing we could come up with was he had just put on some new muscle ointment. In the morning after shower she is back to her normal self. So I washed all the bedding and all seems normal.
Thanks for replying
AH-HA! Awesome guess! I would have never thought of that! I was thinking maybe he yelled and it freaked her out or something like that.
Glad you figured it out!!
Yes I understand this :thumbsup:

If I put products on myself some creams, makeup, hair product, perfumes my malt gets up and sits away from me and if I pick her up she looks in the opposite direction from me and tries to wriggle out of my arms. I realised its the smell of the products.... she is very sensitive to smells.. She does it sometimes with morning breath too haha :w00t:

I avoid putting on perfumes now until I have gone out of the house even though I know what the problem is it sort of hurts a little that she cant stand the smell of me haha :unsure:.
I had no idea this was an issue but we will certainly keep our eyes open for it now.
I'm glad to hear things are back to normal with your beautiful Lilly. They are so sensitive, aren't they?! Mine freaked out once when my son came in wearing a hat and sunglasses. They did not recognize him and were afraid of the hat. :HistericalSmiley:
aww bless her, im glad its sorted out now :) haha april Mya is the same... she HATES hats. I mean shes actually soooo scared of them lol its a shame (i feel bad laughing lol) but its also quite funny when its someone she knows well and would normally make a huge fuss off! lol
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