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I like C with the back lit letters, can you incorporate that with the black awning? To me, the awning choice should be dependent on the other stores next to you. Do they have awnings? What colors are they? Only reason being...I'd think your awning would get "lost" if there are several other pink, or for that matter, black awnings in your locale. I know that mall placement and signage are a very big deal. To me, the pink/aqua logo is great and would really pop with the backlighting. But my concern is that a pink awning will draw attention away from the neon store sign. Can I ask, how do you intend to display in the window? Will the awning obscure larger or taller displays? Or will it cast a shadow on the window making it less easy to view from across the mall? Good luck to you...and I can't wait to see how it looks.
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