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I hopoe it's ok to post this

I'm raising money for my friend Kim, her best friend Blu is sick with a virus that attacked his pancreas.
He's been fighting it over a month, shots, meds, IV infusions.
Kim helps so many others and she needs help.. It's hard for a caregiver to ask for help,so I'm doing this for her..

She rescued Blu,he's rescued her countless times.. We need to rescue them both now.

Blu is her only family there and we all know how much furbabies mean to us. Kim and Blu are family to me too.
She adopted Blu the boxer,from West Palm Beach Animal Care and Control, 8 years ago and he's been her rock through a lot of hard times.

Blu is the best big boxer brother that Maltese and Bichons could have..

Even if everyone can give $5 or $10 ,it will add up..
He's being treated at St.Francis Animal Clinic on 1225 N Military Trail Suite 5 West Palm Beach Fl
561-697-8945 if you want to help direct, it would get there faster.
His name is Blu, owner Kim Titolo..
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