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Originally posted by Teddy7@Feb 14 2005, 10:52 AM
Good morning all!
So, here's the deal - I have two dogs. Kiki (F-Pom/Poodle) and Teddy (M-Maltese). Kiki is older, so we introduced the two when Teddy was about 10 weeks (VERY SMALL) and Kiki was a year. At first they ran around and just chased each other. Then it turned into rough-housing once Teddy gained a couple of pounds. They love to be near each other and begin roughhouse playing immediately, only to pause to drink water or eat or take a 5 min nap. It has gotten better but not by a lot.
Teddy is on the semi-agressive side with people outside of our family circle. Kiki is NOT.
My mom babysits Teddy every day, and she got a new dog last weekend -- a teeny tiny male poodle. He is 2lbs and Teddy's about 7. We have not introduced the two face-to face. I am very worried about how Teddy will react, being that he plays so roughly with Kiki.
Any thoughts on how we should approach (or not approach) introducing the new puppy and Teddy? Maybe it will be better bc Teddy and new puppy are both male? I don't know what to make of it.

Thanks everyone!
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A few questions... how old is Teddy now and has he been neutered?
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