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Need Help on Feedig my Baby....... (*_*)

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:new_Eyecrazy: Hi All,
I REALLY NEED all your help PLEASE....... My Cha Cha is doing very well now. She is 5 and 1/2 months old and approx. 2.5lbs. She is very small. Full grown my vet expects 3 to 3 and 1/2lbs. (I would be overjoyed!!). Here's my problem. Cha Cha is EXTREMELY finicky. (Eater). My vet has her on Hills AD, Which now is 3 times per day (2 tablespoons). She will eat 1/2 off the dish, but the 2nd half she will ONLY eat off my or my husbands finger. I know that I am really making her eat more than nessesary, but as per 2 vets the first 6 months of her life she needs as much weight as I can get on her.
She seems to really push herself to eat as she know's I need her to!! She's SUCH a GOOD girl!! I notice that she is alway's interested in human food. Many maltese owners that I have spoken to say this is common.
Cha Cha is PERFECT except that she really does NOT like dog food. Will not TOUCH hard food at all. Sometimes I give her Honey Nut Cheerio's. I learned this trick from this website. She loves them.
I want to start integrating other soft dog or puppy foods.
Can any of you recommend one that a FINICKY puppy will eat?????????? I worry constantly...Also, I have to do this slowly, as puppies get diarea when you swich foods. I also need to know HOW to do this.......HELP...................
Thanks So, Jellybn1
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I would keep trying different brands of food. Kallie didn't care about food either and I had to hand feed her for quite a while. I kept trying different foods and finally when it was time for adult food I found Newman's Own which she loves. But it is kibble.....

I've found that my guys have not had stomach problems when I've switched foods possibly because the ingredients in the various ones I tried were similar.

If you're using Lamb now, you may want to try another meat such as chicken. You may want to slightly warm the food... With my first Maltese, Rosebud, I would sit in the kitchen floor, put a little bib on her and she'd sit in my lap and I'd hand feed her canned food.... We did this for quite some time. I'm just not someone who feels comfortable saying "they'll eat when they're ready", etc. I think puppies need to eat and I always like to make sure mine have had their food.....
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