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Need Help on Feedig my Baby....... (*_*)

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:new_Eyecrazy: Hi All,
I REALLY NEED all your help PLEASE....... My Cha Cha is doing very well now. She is 5 and 1/2 months old and approx. 2.5lbs. She is very small. Full grown my vet expects 3 to 3 and 1/2lbs. (I would be overjoyed!!). Here's my problem. Cha Cha is EXTREMELY finicky. (Eater). My vet has her on Hills AD, Which now is 3 times per day (2 tablespoons). She will eat 1/2 off the dish, but the 2nd half she will ONLY eat off my or my husbands finger. I know that I am really making her eat more than nessesary, but as per 2 vets the first 6 months of her life she needs as much weight as I can get on her.
She seems to really push herself to eat as she know's I need her to!! She's SUCH a GOOD girl!! I notice that she is alway's interested in human food. Many maltese owners that I have spoken to say this is common.
Cha Cha is PERFECT except that she really does NOT like dog food. Will not TOUCH hard food at all. Sometimes I give her Honey Nut Cheerio's. I learned this trick from this website. She loves them.
I want to start integrating other soft dog or puppy foods.
Can any of you recommend one that a FINICKY puppy will eat?????????? I worry constantly...Also, I have to do this slowly, as puppies get diarea when you swich foods. I also need to know HOW to do this.......HELP...................
Thanks So, Jellybn1
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You can do home cooked. Dr. Donald Strombeck has a good book with recipes included. You can also use a pre-mix like Sojourner Farms which you add meat to. Otherwise a commercial canned or dry food is best.

I forget if your puppy has been worked up for a physical problem like liver shunt or hydrocephalus?
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