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need help.. what do i do?

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ok everyone... as you can tell i need help... everytime i leave rylee crys the hole tim( i j/ took a bath and i take LONG ones and he barked and cryed the hole time... i came back in and he had pooped on his potty pad of course but he was jumping in it... it only got on his foot a little but thats not his 1st time.. we went to walgreens and when i came back he wasn't crying but my brtoher was home and said he did and i waslked in and i saw he pooped and had little poop foot prince all over his pee pad and a little on the blankie thats over his playpin..i lifted him up and he had poop ALL OVER HIM! and i'm not exaderating he had it pilled up on all his feet and a little on his tummy.. now he j/ started doing this and right before i went to take a bath i took him outside to potty and he only pee peed .. i praised him and then put him back down in the grass for a while and he ran up on the deck to the door a few min. later which noramlly means he is done so we went inside and i put him in his playpin and went to take a bath..when i got out i saw it and my mom said she j/ checkin on him and it wasn't there so he had j/ done that..that was yesterday.. today he didn the same thing when i took a bath but he only got it a littleon his feet.. so i donno if rylee can poop on comand or j/ barks and crys the poop out of him.. but i donno which one. .because when i go and leave him for a while liek go take a bath..he poops in his playpin and plays all in it and smears it everywhere.. not to mention it gets all over him... and it may be that he gets mad at me that i wont pick him up or cuz i left him he poops and gets all in it for liek revenge when hes mad.. or he barks and crys it out of him.. but he always gets in it.... so what do i do.... i took him outside for a walk and to potty before i took a bath and all he did was pee ..... ... but i also need help on the crying part.. its not soft either.. its LOUD u can hear it from outside and he does it everytime i leave liek even the room AND i would be ther eon my comp. or trying to do sumthin and i put him in his play pin to play and he still crys and barks..!And he doens't stop... altho he did when we went to walgreens so.. he may stop after a few hours or so.. but i take liek 30 min to 1 hour baths and he was still barking and crying when i got out....he always wants me to hold him!... what do i do.. hopfully he outgrows it because i go back to school in august i think.. Please help me.....
sry its so long.. hope you read it all!
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Originally posted by puppy_luv4life@Jun 7 2005, 09:36 PM
but i take liek 30 min to 1 hour baths
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I bet you look like a RAISIN when you get out!

J/ all seriousness...

How old is Rylee again?

I don't have a good answer for the poo...maybe instead of smaller like we usually say to keep the area, maybe he needs a bigger area if he knows to go on the pad, but then is stepping in it. He needs a separate area for pad/laying etc.
Is the play pen small enough to take it in the bathroom with you? Or put it where he can hear you and you can talk to him some to help calm him?

You are right about needing to get the separation anxiety out of him before you go back to don't need to be worrying about him while you are in school.
I would suggest short trips and lots of praise when you come back in...let him know you will always come back. Closer to school starting you should wean him to staying alone that long if nobody will be with him during the day. He will eventually get used to the routine of different days.

Brink can tell the difference in work/school days, and weekends...and church nights and ball game nights...he usually knows when he is going and when to assume his perch on the back of the chair...Rylee will get it too...give him time...
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well, first: its totally normal whats happening.

and try to look for some toys that rylee would LOVE, and then only give it to him when he's going to be alone. it will help keep him entertained. and also get him REALLY tired!! walk him a lot and play w/ him a lot before you need to leave him alone. he'll hopefully sleep while youre gone. :D
I remember last summer when Prissy had 5 pups and we kept them in a large pen when we couldnt watch them. The playing in poop is just a puppy thing. You just have to worry about one I had five it was a chore to keep them clean.

Shiner has bg sep problem. I was told you cant come to them when they cry that is what they want. start with short breaks 1 min them come back and say hi and you should always say the same thing when you leave. I say " I'll be back" grab your purse or what ever you do that shows you going. leave and come back only when he isnt crying. You can slowly increase you time away. Dont let him thank that he will get his way. only praise and reward when quiet even if for a brief moment. Try this for a week or so and see if it helps if not I will be glad you help you with more advice. They will gett better with age just be supportive and loving and take lots of pics I regreted not getting enough pics of prissy.

Oh and I agree with cathy about the play thing. PLAY PLAY PLAY
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Originally posted by tlunn+Jun 7 2005, 10:46 PM-->
@Jun 7 2005, 09:36 PM
but i take liek 30 min to 1 hour baths
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I bet you look like a RAISIN when you get out!


I had the same problem with Kodie... I tried what sassy14830 has suggested! It worked out GREAT! I leave in the morning and Kodies fine.
I come home for lunch and again... just fine when I leave.
The only problem now is when I get home from work... its hard for me to go back out of the house without him... he doesnt wanna be alone again after being alone for 8hrs.
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Thanks you guys.. i'll try that and hopfully it works.. i've already tried to play with him and keep him up before i go.. he goes to sleep when i'm in there and then when i leave and he sees i'm not comin back.. liek 5 min later..... he crys ( i tried it yesterday when i had to go to the dentist for a 1 & 30 min ).... so i'll try the other thing that tlunn and sassy said... sounds like it may actually wor.. but who knows.. i finally got him to sleep through the night by inorging him when he wakes up and crys in the middle of the night!

I bet you look like a RAISIN when you get out! [/B]
lol yah! but its relaxing! lol i unraisen in a couple of min! lol
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are his eyes really blue or is it just the picture?

btw, where did you end up getting him?
he's cute.
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lol no his eyes arn't really blue.. dogs eyes are diff colors in pics liek ours are red in pics.. theres glow and are blue.. lol his eyes are dark...

i got him from a breeder we found in the newspaper..yah i know yall say not to but.. i don't see any harm in it.. we went over there to see the puppys and pic one and he actually picked me.. he like pushed all the puppies away when they came to me cuz he wanted me.. and then we went outside to talk about it an di told my dad i wanted him and so he went back inside and said rylee was waiting there at the fence for me while the other ones were off playing! (he wan't even the shy one) so we put a hold on him no down payment or n e thing and picked him up the next friday cuz we were goin to new branfuls.. and he was here in pasadena too! right down the street actually!.... it was liek... destinY!...

oh yah and i wanna say thanx.. not j/ to Jessica (i think thats puppylucys name) but to eveyone else who helped me! group hug


oh yah BTW how did you make u're sig? (the old one.. not his one but how it liek slide showed 3 pics at a time u know?)
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Originally posted by puppy_luv4life@Jun 8 2005, 09:34 AM
he actually picked me.. he like pushed all the puppies away when they came to me cuz he wanted me.. ....rylee was waiting there at the fence for me while the other ones were off playing!
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When I first got Bella I found out that she would cry every time I left the house, but eventually I figured out that I had to act really happy when I left and not make a big deal out of it. You might already be doing that though, so I don't have a lot of advice. With Bella, she took on more of a protector role as she grew up and now she kind of likes being the one in charge while I'm gone. But you know what, I shouldn't be trying to help you with this one, because I take hour long baths too, and bella takes a nap right beside the tub!
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bullysticks too!!! try going to a petstore (my petsmart doesnt sell them...but petco does) and buy those thick hard bully sticks (like 12inch stick)...and only give it to him when you leave. and praise him. and he can only have it when your'e gone. so dont use it often. he'll LOVE them.

check out the bullystick thread. they take forever to eat and i've been giving them to gruffi since he was 5 weeks old.
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