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Need help with harness for tiny fluffs

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:unsure:My Lily got out of her harness when we were at the park today. Fortunately, she came running to me when I called her. It was scary because there were big dogs nearby. My girls have the step-in harness/leash for "tiny" dogs. It has never been a problem for Rose but My Lily is so tiny, and small-boned, the harness has never really fit her as well as it should. I need suggestions for a harness that is easy to get off and on, that is comfy, but most of all, is secure, and will fit a 3-4 pound small-boned Maltese. I don't want this to happen, again.
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Tickled Pink has a whole section of tiny step in harnesses that are custom made to your Maltese's measurements.

Angelyn is a member here and we all love her designs!

Harnesses, Collars, Leashes - Teeny Step-Ins - Tickled Pink Boutique
I use the step-in harnesses from Angelyn at as well. They are extremely durable, well-made, and she will even custom make one (or more) if you have a specific ribbon or colors in mind. When properly adjusted, there is absolutely no way for them to wriggle out of it. We've had ours for a couple of years now and they truly hold up and look brand new!

Edit: I see that Angelyn offers the "teeny" size step-ins now. We have the regular sized ones, with 5/8" webbing and they work great. I guess if your pups are tiny, the "teeny" size would be great!
Thank you to all the responses. I will check it out.:chili:
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